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Thoughts from Clients

Dear Adam,

Thank you so very much. One neighbor told us the new porch is “the most architecturally perfect addition” she has ever seen. Others comment that the addition doesn’t look like an “addition” … but rather something that has just always been there from the start. We couldn’t be more pleased with your work and leadership on this project.

Bob and Ann Marie, Fair Haven, VT

We had a wonderful experience working with Adam. He found a creative solution to our problem of siting a house on a quirky footprint, and he responded creatively and cheerfully to our evolving ideas of what we wanted and needed. He not only created a beautiful design that was also comfortable on the land, he helped us understand how our vision could become a design for a home, a place to live with both comfort and beauty. He is truly both a superb professional and a wonderful person.


Carolyn and Phil, Lee, NH

Adam is very artistic and has terrific ideas. But the way in which he is really outstanding is that he listens to his clients and builds his designs on what they want and need. Working with him was a total pleasure!

George and Mary Kay, Middlebury, VT

Dear Adam,


Now that I’ve recovered from that “Oh, I hope I like it” moment of utter panic when the excavator arrived, and have passed into the “Oh, I think this is just going to be perfect!” phase, I must write you and tell you how very, very much we appreciate all the time and effort and understanding that you put into our project.

There was a lot of kidding about your qualifications as a marriage counselor when Tom and I just couldn’t agree on an idea.  And there was that other terrifying moment when we did agree that you had drawn everything we asked for, but we didn’t like the plan.  At that time you were willing to start over and you showed amazing grace and good humor when we scrapped several weeks of your work.  As I look back on it now, I’m amazed that you were so gracious about giving way on your visions and helping us through the process a second time.  Perhaps that happens more frequently than I would have thought because it is so very, very difficult for a client to say in words what they envision in their dreams.

As I told you when I saw the first sketches, you really, really listen.  That’s an amazing talent in today’s “me first” world.  I’m sure we’re not the first clients that have appreciated this!  You have fascinated me since we met you with your ability to both “see” what your client wants – and, at the same time, to apply your wonderful design “eye” to the project.

So I’d like to thank you for being such a solid presence in the design and creation of our home.  You said that we didn’t approach the process in quite the same manner as most of your clients, but you were willing and flexible to work with us in our style.  I’d also like to thank you for just “being there” to answer questions and propose interesting solutions to various design issues.  Our weekly meetings became a real high spot in our week and something to anticipate and appreciate.  And I’d also like to thank you for the tremendous push you put on during the July 4th weekend to make sure we had complete drawings for the builders who were starting the next week.  That really went well beyond the “call of duty” and we really saw what a dedicated professional you are.


Maggie and Tom, Cornwall, VT

We hired Adam to design our lake house. The main challenge was juggling our wishes with the budget and meeting the town design codes. He was brilliant on all counts, especially with the local Design Review Board. They have used his presentation as a model for other applicants to follow. He worked well with the builder and the construction process went very smoothly. He sited the buildings beautifully on the property. This was our first time building a house, and the design underwent many revisions. Adam was very patient and cheerfully kept to the terms of his contract as we overstepped ours. After living in the house for two years, we are very happy with the final product.

Jim and Jane, Salisbury, VT

We have worked with Adam several times and have enjoyed every project. Most recently we asked him to finish a design for our new home that we had started to design ourselves and found that he brought so many valuable skills to the table, both from an architectural perspective and from an interpersonal one. He helped us refine our vision, explore our goals and bring two different styles together in an elegant solution. The result is an energy efficient, modern rustic home that blends into the Vermont landscape. I think Adam’s intuition, his sense of humor and willingness to listen preserved both our architectural dream and our marriage.


Tim and Rebecca, Addison, VT

Adam and his Crew finished the basement in a house we had just bought in Vermont – but the work had to start before we moved from Maryland. He was easy to talk to and interact with – we passed design specs back and forth on email, held Skype/Facetime sessions and weekly meetings, and progressed beautifully.  Adam’ professionalism and easy-going demeanor helped make the experience stress-free.

A year later, we had him build our deck — again, easy to work with him as he tailored each design version to meet our wish list for deck form and functionality.  The best part of working with Adam is that he takes his time to ask the right questions,  from consultations to final design approval. Throughout the actual construction process, he tends to all details and continues to include the client in all decisions. Clearly, he cares very much that each project will not only meet, but exceed all expectations. He’s a pleasure to work with and I do recommend him.

Ken and Maria, Addison, VT

We loved working with Adam on a new floor plan for our library. He listened to all of our opinions and concerns and came up with an amazing plan. We have completed all of the changes that he suggested and have been receiving tons of compliments from people who like the open, yet cozy feel of our new space.


Nancy, Bristol, VT

Full disclosure — we had a DREADFUL encounter with an architect prior to working with Adam, so we were very wary and not inclined to cotton to the experience. But because of Adam, I am happy to say I have recovered from my primal fear of architects! First off, he is totally upfront about his fees. There is never one of those, "Oh, did I forget to mention?", nasty surprises down the line. Next, he is really easy to work with in that he is diplomatic but honest, not defensive but explanatory.

Our project together was re-doing down to the studs an okay sixties sort of ranch house into our “Cottage,” and his ideas really paved the way to make it all work. I know that without him we would have stumbled down many wrong alleys and wasted money. He is collaborative and made it feel like a really creative adventure. He did, from time to time, because he is a professional, show us on paper some dreamy options if cost were not a factor — which I found exciting to think about but there was no problem with him in just sticking with the original concept of a budget.


Tom and Nancy, Bridport, VT

Working with Adam Ginsburg on our Learning Center project was truly a joy. Adam is creative, smart, upbeat and CALM. A solid architect and a super person, he kept us on course during the initial phase of the project, which as we all know can be a trying time. We are happy with the outcome of our beautiful Learning Center and would definitely love to work with Adam again whenever we do our next project.

Katy Lesser, Healthy Living Market, South Burlington, VT

Adam took time to really listen to what we wanted and to coach us through the process in a thoughtful way, always taking into consideration our goals. His approach is one of not rushing, but making sure that he understands what you want, and sometimes, even helping us to clarify what we want. Anyone would be lucky to have Adam for a project, big or small.

Dave and Sarah, Middlebury, VT

architect build of sun room overlooking lake champlain

Some comments were written directly by clients, others were solicited by a third party, with the option of anonymity. 

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