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Whether you are considering buying a piece of property and want a professional opinion before making the purchase, or want someone to oversee the construction of your project, I provide these services and everything in between. A comprehensive list of the services I offer are listed below:

Site Selection

The purchase of a piece of property is one of the most critical decisions an owner will make in insuring the overall success of their project. I will visit the property you are considering and advise you on matters of access, utilities, site costs, renewable energy resources, and the placement of the building itself to help you make a decision whether the piece of property is right for you.


It may be necessary to obtain a number of permits in order to build you project.  Depending on the scope and location of the project it may be necessary to obtain Design Review Board approval, state water and septic approval, zoning approvals, and building permits. I will facilitate the application for these permits and help you obtain them.

Land Survey

If necessary I will co-ordinate an accurate survey of your property showing property lines, building location (if applicable), contour lines, placement of relevant trees, driveway, etc.

Existing Conditions

Using pictures and measurements taken on site I will generate a set of drawings that will become the base for the subsequent design of additions and renovations.


What are the practical considerations of budget and schedule? What are your dreams for the project? What do you need and want now? What will you need and want in the future? By asking questions and listening carefully to you, and by gathering any pictures, plans or written descriptions from you that you may have collected, I will help you consider these questions and develop with you a plan or “program” that lays out the objectives and goals for your project.

Schematic Design

I consider all of the elements of your project including the opportunities and limitations of the site and any existing buildings, your construction budget, your schedule, and your wants and needs for the project and synthesize them into architectural form. These architectural ideas are expressed in quick, sketchy drawings and models that give you plenty of information to respond to without taking much time to produce. Several sets of these schematic drawings, each time responding to what you like and don’t, are often necessary to arrive at a design that you love. 

"Builder's" (Schematic) Set

Once we arrive at a design you love I will develop this set into scaled floor plans, elevations, schematic sections and a window schedule suitable to generate preliminary construction cost estimates and construction planning.

Cost Estimating

Collaborating with experienced and respected local builders with whom I collaborate I generate construction cost estimates at critical points in the design process.

Construction Documents

Would you like to know exactly how much your project will cost before you begin building? Would you like to ensure that what is built for you is built well and to code? Would you like to eliminate the need for the builder to come to you repeatedly during construction, asking you for decisions on materials, finishes and other details, decisions that if not made promptly will hold up construction and cost you more money? I will help you identify finishes, fixtures, materials, and construction details, and then document this information in a comprehensive set of drawings and specifications that the builder can use to give you a guaranteed construction cost, and ensure a smooth and less stressful construction process. These documents may include notes or written specifications, a site plan, foundation plan, floor plans, roof plan, elevations, sections, interior elevations, details, electrical and mechanical plans, and window, door, lighting, and finish schedules.

Bidding and Negotiation

Once you have a set of Construction Documents in hand, you can ask several builders for their bids on the work. I will help you select qualified builders for quotes, answer any questions they might have, help you review their bids/proposals, and help you select the best builder for your job.

Construction Administration

Once construction begins, I will visit the site regularly to address with you and the builder any questions that may arise, help you make any improvements to the design that may present themselves, and protect you against deficiencies in construction.

House Manual

At the completion of the project I compile for you in one binder all the information you should have for living in your house.  This binder contains drawings of the house as-built, pictures of the electrical and mechanical systems in the walls before being covered by sheetrock, all the manuals and warrantees of the products, materials and appliances that went into the house, and all the contact information for those who may be able to help you run and maintain your home in the years to come. 

I invite you to browse the project gallery to see examples of my previous work and contact me for a free consultation.

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